Juegos en Raspberry Pi

raspberrypi-juegosHace unos meses adquirí un Raspberry Pi y decido dárselo a un niño para que lo conecte a un TV y lo use como una mini-computadora, lo primero que hice fue instalarle Raspbian, seguidamente le instale varios reproductores de vídeo y entonce me puse a pensar en algunos juegos.

Datos principales

Para instalar un juego use: sudo apt-get install nombre_del_juego
Para desinstalar: sudo apt-get remove nombre_del_juego
Para Limpiar el sistema: sudo apt-get autoremove

Listado de Juegos

Nombre del Juego – Info – Notas del juego

3dchess  Game (3x2d boards)
abe Abe’s Amazing Adventure Game
aceofpenguins Freecell, Solitaire+ Minesweeper, Teipei…
airstrike 2D Airplane Dogfighting Game
atom4 Color Puzzle Game
atris Tetris game
balazar32d Cool 3D Game
beneathasteelsky Scifi Adventure Game (Nice Intro!)
blobwars Metal Blob Solid Amazing 2D Platform Game
blockade Puzzle Game command line ‘sudo blockade’
bumprace 2D Space Maze Game
bygfoot Football Manager Game
ceferino Don Ceferino Hazaa Platform Game
childsplay Interactive Childrens Games Collection
crimson Crimson Fields Tactical Game
dangen Strange Shoot ‘Em Up Game
dodgindiamond2 Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up (Press M for Fire)
dossizola Isola Board Game
empire TextOnly Empire Building Game
enigma Puzzle Game
etw Eat The Whistle Football Arcade Game
filletsng Fish Fillets Puzzle Game
flobopuyo Connect4 meets Tetris
freealchemist Block Game
freedink RPG (Use GNU Free Dink from Other)
freedroid Paranoid Game Clone
frozenbubble Frozen Bubble 2 Game
geki2 Xenonlike vertical shoot’em up (Fantastic!)
geki3 RTypelike horizontal shoot’em up (Amazing)
ghextris A Tetrissudolike Game On A Hexagonal Grid
glotski Slide Blocks To Reach A Goal
glpeces Tangram Puzzle Game Clone
gmchess Chinese Chess Game (Xiangqi)
gnugo The Game Of ‘Go’
gnujump Plaftorm Game
gnuminishogi Mini Shogi 5×5 Board (Type ‘help’)
golly Game of Life Simulator
gravitywars Gravity Force Clone
grhino Othello/Reversi Board Game
groundhog Simple Logic Game
gtans Tangram Puzzle Game
gtkatlantic Game Like Monopoly
gtkballs Logic Game
gtkboard Many Board Games In One Program
gtkpool Pool Billiard Game
hexahop Hexagonal Tile Puzzle Game
hexalate Color Matching Puzzle
hexxagon Hexagonal Ataxx Clone
holotzcastle Mystery Platform Game
hrd HuaRongDao Puzzle Game
jester Board Game Similar To Othello
kball Game Of Skill And Reflexes
ketm 2D Scrolling Shooter
komi Komi The Space Frog Arcade Game
late A Bit Like Bally II
lbreakout2 A Fast Ballandpaddle Game
liquidwar Multiplayer Wargame
lmarbles Build Figures Out Of Colored Marbles
lmemory A Children’s “Memory” Card Game
luola Multiplayer CaveFlying Game
madbomber A Kaboom! Clone
magicmaze Rescue Maiden / Avoid Monsters
magicor Puzzle Game (Slow)
mazeofgalious The Maze of Galious (Slow)
meritous Actionadventure Dungeon Crawl Game
micropolis Realtime City Management Simulator
mokomaze Ballinlabyrithgame for the FreeRunner
moonlander Game
mousetrap A Simple Game Of Ball Chasing
nethack NetHack Single player dungeon exploration game –
netmaze 3D Multiplayer Combat Game
nikwi Platform Game (Good, But Slow Between Levels)
njam Pacmanlike Game With Multiplayer Support
oneisenough 2D Platform Game Epic Struggle Of Balls
openinvaders Space Invaders (Crashes Randomly)
openyahtzee Classic Dice Game Of Yahtzee
overgod Bidirectional Scrolling Arcade Game
pachi Platform Game Featuring Pachi el Marciano
pacman Chase Monsters In A Labyrinth
palapeli Jigsaw Puzzle Game (Slow To Load)
pangzero Pop Balloons With A Harpoon
pathogen Pathogen Warrior Match 3D Model Structures
pathological Puzzle Game Involving Paths And Marbles
pegsolitaire An Education Game Similar To HiQ
penguincommand A Missile Command Clone
pente Five In A Row Game
petris Peter’s Tetris A
pingus Free Lemmings(TM) Clone
pokerth Texas Hold’em Game
powermanga Vertical Shoot ‘em Up With 3D GFXquarry Board games
rafkill vertical shoot’emup
rili a toy train simulation game
sgtpuzzles Simon Tatham’s Puzzle Collection
simutrans transportation simulator
slimevolley Unrealistic 2D Volleyball Simulation
snake4 Snake Game
solarwolf Collect The Boxes And Don’t Become Mad
sopwith Port Of The 1980′s Sidescrolling WWI Dogfighting
spacearyarya 3rd Person Shooter In Pseudo3D
spout Tiny Abstract Black And White 2D Caveshooter
starvoyager 2D ‘Star Trek’ themd arcade game
stax Collection Of Puzzle Games Similar To Tetris Attack
stroq A Polarium/Chokkan Hitofude Clone
supertux Classic 2D Jump ‘n Run Sidescroller With Tux  –
tecnoballz Breaking Block Game Ported From The Amiga
teg Turn Bbased Strategy Game
tenmado Shoot ‘em Up Game Blue or Red World
tennix 2D Tennis Game
tictactoe tictactoe Game Written In Ruby
tmw The Mana World Is A 2D MMORPG
tome Singleplayer, Textbased, Dungeon Simulation Game
toppler “Nebulus” 8/16bit Clone
tumikifighters 2D Shooter (Very slow)
tuxpuck “Shufflepuck Cafe” Clone
tuxtype Educational Typing Game For Children
tworld Chip’s Challenge Game Engine Emulation
typespeed Zap Words Flying Across The Screen By Typing
viruskiller Game About Viruses Invading Your Computer
vodovod Lead The Water To The Storage Tank
wesnoth Turn based strategy – (Tested Working)
whichwayisup 2D Platform Game With A Rotational Twist
wing Galagalike Arcade Game (CTRL=fire)
xasteroids Xbased Asteroidsstyle Arcade Game
xblast Multiplayer Game (Only Works In Minimode)
xbomb A ‘Minesweeper’ Game With Shapes
xbubble A Puzzle Bubble Clone
xchain A Strategy Game For 24 players
xdemineur Puzzle Game
xevil Violent Sidescrolling Game
xinv3d 3D Space Invaders
xjig Jigsaw Puzzle (Middle mouse button to mirror)
xjump Jumping Game
xletters Type Falling Words Before They Land
xmahjongg Tilebased Solitaire Game
xmille The Classic Game Of Mille Bournes
xmpuzzles Collection Of Puzzles
xoids Asteroids Game (Right Shift To Fire)
xonix Bally II like game
xpat2 Generic Patience Game
xscavenger A Loderunnerlike Platform Game
xshisen Shisensho puzzle game
xskat 3player card game “Skat”
xsol X Solitaire
xsoldier shoot ‘em up game (Amazing!)
xtron Tron game for X11
xvier a “Four in a row” game
xwelltris 3D Tetris like popular game similar to Welltris
zangband A singleplayer, textbased, roguelike game
zatacka Arcade multiplayer game like nibbles

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